Grapefruit Essential Oil: 11 Beauty & Health Uses


Here are 11 grapefruit essential oil health and beauty uses:

1. Weight Loss Booster

You might have heard that grapefruit is great for weight loss. It’s true! Some of the active ingredients in grapefruit boost metabolism and suppress appetite. Applied directly to the skin, grapefruit essential oil is an excellent lymphatic stimulant. Additionally, it can help you shed excess water.

Add several drops of grapefruit essential oil to your water or diffuse it in your office or home. Or, when cravings strike, massage some onto your chest and wrists.

2. Natural Antibacterial

Harmful bacteria can enter the body through contaminated foods, water, or parasites. However, grapefruit oil has antimicrobial effects that can fight some harmful bacteria strains.

3. Fights Urinary Tract Infections

It’s not just cranberries that can help keep UTI’s at bay. Research shows that grapefruit is effective at fight them, too, and might even be “comparable to that of proven antibacterial drugs.”

4. Stress Buster

The scent of grapefruit can be amazing. It’s uplifting, soothing, and clarifying. As such, it’s an excellent stress-buster.

Add several drops to a sterile cotton ball along with a small amount of coconut oil.  Then rub it into your wrists, neck or chest.

5. Curbs Sugar Cravings

Do you have a sweet tooth? It seems like there’s always some tempting treat staring you in the face. However, grapefruit essential oil can work wonders to help keep cravings at bay.

Sniff the oil straight from the bottle whenever your cravings hit. Alternatively, add several drops in water or tea that you can drink throughout the day.

6. Air Freshener

Citrus is a fantastic natural air freshener! Diffuse grapefruit, along with orange or lemon essential oils to tackle tough odors. And an added bonus? It’ll clean bacteria from the air!

Additionally, use small amounts of grapefruit essential oil for some light cleaning. For example, you might try using it on wooden surfaces, counter tops, or floors. You can even use it in household appliances to kill bacteria and odor naturally.

7. Circulation Booster

Generally speaking, citrus essential oils are great for fighting inflammation and increasing blood flow. The blood vessel-dilating effects of grapefruit can be used to treat menstrual cramps, headaches, bloating, fatigue and muscle pains.

Add a few drops to a bath, place some on your shirt collar, or apply a few dabs onto your wrists.

8. Boosts Digestion

Grapefruit essential oil affects digestion positively. It can help shed fluid retention, plus it fights microbes within the intestines, gut and other digestive organs.

Reap these benefits with your own massage lotion! Mix together a few drops of grapefruit oil and coconut oil and rub the mixture onto your belly.

9. Natural Energizer

Nothing puts a damper on a day like low energy.  However, you can combat brain fog, poor moods, and mental exhaustion by inhaling grapefruit oil. It can even help with headaches and make you more alert!

Sniff it whenever you feel an energy drop approaching.

10. Acne Fighter and Skin Saver

You’ll find that many commercially-made beauty products use citrus oils. This is because of their antibacterial, skin-boosting properties. It’s a fantastic acne remedy! It also protects the skin against pollution and UV light damage. It’s also effective in healing wounds, cuts, and bites, and helps prevent skin infections.

For a nourishing skin salve or acne treatment, combine grapefruit oil with coconut or jojoba oil. Apply it once or twice daily on the affected area.

11. Hair Cleanser

Do you struggle with oily hair? Grapefruit oil will zap grease, sweat and bacteria while adding volume and shine to your hair. Additionally, it might protect colored hair against sunlight damage.

Add a few drops of grapefruit oil to your shampoo or conditioner to reap its benefits!


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