Lemon Essential Oil: 10 Powerful Uses

Lemon essential oil serves a wide variety of purposes. You can use it to spruce up your home, for one, and it absolutely is a better choice than harmful commercially-produced cleaners.  And lemon essential oil packs a powerful scent that is both uplifting and energizing.  It’s a fantastic, fresh scent to have in your home. Read below to find out all the ways you can use wonderful essential oil!

Here are 10 powerful uses of lemon essential oil:

1. Laundry

We’ve all been there. You start a load, or maybe the second load of laundry, and you forget to transfer it to the dryer. Oops! Rather than restarting the load, which wastes water and time, just add a few drops of lemon essential oil and your clothes won’t get that musty smell. Wow!

2. Whitens Teeth

You don’t need to go out and buy commercially-produced teeth whitener. Instead, use lemon essential oil! Mix a few drops of it with some baking soda and coconut oil. Then rub it on your teeth for 2 minutes and rinse.

3. Clean Hands

If you have a job or hobby that gets your hands greasy and gunky, this one is for you. Just add a couple of drops of lemon essential oil to your soap and say goodbye to the muck!

4. Natural Disinfectant

Instead of using alcohol and bleach to disinfect your counter tops and clean your moldy shower, use lemon oil.

Here’s what you do: Add 40 drops of lemon oil and 20 drops tea tree oil to a 16-oz spray bottle. Fill it with pure water, a little bit of white vinegar, and you have yourself an effective, natural cleaner.

5. Face-Wash

Improve your complexion and leave your skin feeling soft and supple with your own lemon oil homemade face wash. Mix it with baking soda and honey for a natural acne-fighting blend.

6. Wood and Silver Polish

Tarnished silver and jewelry can be an eye sore.  However, you can use a lemon oil-soaked cloth to make them look new again.  Furthermore, the scent is a lot more enjoyable (not to mention likely safer) to inhale than traditional polish!

7. Goo Zapper

Stickers and gum, as you likely know, can leave behind a sticky residue. There are commercially-produced products available. However, you can also use lemon essential oil to help remove the goo.

8. Promotes Fat-Loss

Some studies show lemon can help support metabolism and weight loss. Try putting a couple of drops of lemon oil into your water to help aid in your weight loss journey.

9. Improves Mood

Lemon essential oil has a wonderful uplifting scent that can help elevate your mood and fight depression. Diffuse it in your home or sniff it directly from the bottle.

10. Immune Support

Cold season is upon us. However, there are a few different essential oils that support lymphatic system drainage. Lemon oil is one of them. Furthermore, it can help you overcome your cold. Mix it with coconut oil and rub it on your neck.


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